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NHL Hockey Blog » NHL’s Montreal Canadiens For Sale

Posted 5 years ago

Montreal Canadiens For Sale - NHL Watching Don’t even mention Jim Balsillie in the same breath as the Montreal Canadiens, it isn’t going to happen. This is one storied franchise … [ More NHL hockey rumors and news here ]

NHL Hockey Blog » End of the NHL Season - Success or Disappointment?

Posted 5 years ago

End of the NHL Season Here we all are nearing the end of another NHL season, and “big post salary cap CBA” surprise… it is a race down to the … [ More NHL hockey rumors and news here ]

NHL Hockey Blog » Demoting NHL Players to the Minors

Posted 6 years ago

NHL Teams Demoting Players - Real Benefits? Not a new topic, but a somewhat common occurence in the NHL today. Taking advantage, if you have structured your organization well, of … [ More NHL hockey rumors and news here ]


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