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End of the NHL Season - Success or Disappointment?

April 8th, 2009 · 34 Comments

End of the NHL Season

Here we all are nearing the end of another NHL season, and “big post salary cap CBA” surprise… it is a race down to the finish. With both the East and West still trying to figure out who will finish 7th, 8th and 9th us fans have time to pause and ponder the question “was the season a success or disappointment?”

Well, it hasn’t been all that exciting. Sure, there are a few surprises — such as the Boston Bruins and Washington Capitals — and some feel good stories — like the Vancouver Canucks — but really, is there much to cheer about to this point?


Playoffs Signify the Start of the Season

The league really only has 16 to 20 teams; after all, the rest weren’t good enough to make the “season”. Hockey is about to get a little bit more emotional and a tad more exciting. Who doesn’t want to see the Montreal Canadiens make it as the 8th seed only to take on the Boston Bruins. Boston has overachieved all year and it would be great to see a struggling Habs team shock the Bruins in six games.

Will there be any upsets in the first round of the NHL playoffs? We at StretchPass.com believe there will be (if for nothing else, then excitement… besides, everyone likes to see the underdog do well!). St. Louis is another team that any team should be wary of playing, and either the Detroit Wings or San Jose Sharks will have that honour. Watch out Wings and Sharks…

What Does the NHL Head Office Think About 2008/09?

Hmmm. The league would have loved to avoid the Sean Avery fiasco, but that is over and done with. Otherwise things weren’t too bad. A few head shots, some serious injuries and some dust ups. All in all, NHL Head Office is more concerned about total revenues and how this is going to impact the game. A significant drop is something everyone wants to avoid.

Always about the dollar. Just get the game back to the grassroots level and watch that garden grow…

Stretchpass.com Team

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